TweetEffect – Analyze Your Twitter (Un)Followers

Twitter followers come and go.  What did you do right? What did you do to chase them away?  Though it’s not a perfect science, TweetEffect is a helpful Twitter tool that goes a long way of getting into the minds of those reading your tweets.  This free tool will display a report, tweet by tweet, along with the gain or loss of followers after each one.  This allows you to step back and take a closer look at what your readers like.
For instance, my live shot below confirms what I all ready knew.. Your Twitter timeline is not the best place to post ads or promotions.

tweeteffect follower unfollowers

My 2 loses were from affiliate plugs.  The 3 gainers were from helpful news worthy information.  Granted that some of these figures will be due to bots, but it won’t be hard to spot a pattern.  Lesson learned?  Post quality content on your timeline, lead them to quality content on your site or blog, offer them quality free information in exchange for an email list.  If you have gained there interest or trust enough for them to fill out an optin form, then use that autoresponder to do your marketing for you!

After all, autoresponders are the ultimate online tool for long term relationships with your customers.  Get a full blown autoreponder for a 30 days free trial at TrafficWave.

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