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Four Things That You Must Know to Use Twitter As a Marketing Tool

While the primary focus of my blog consists of different ways of automating twitter, it is important to know where to draw the line. Using Twitter as a marketing tool is perplexing to most people. Too little automation and you spend too much time on twitter which defeats the purpose. Too much automation and you get flagged, got to #twitterjail or get banned which also defeats the purpose. It’s like the sweet spot of a clutch. Find it and life becomes much easier.

Interaction is still required. You can’t automate that (unless you consider outsourcing automation). While most of your DM’s will be ads you should at least monitor them for legit conversations. That, and people LOVE to be re-tweeted. Below are a few other key points to keep in mind when marketing on Twitter.

1- Twitter is first and foremost meant to be used to build relationships and trust. Just as if you were going out with someone that you are interested in, it is going to take time to cultivate a relationship and grow trust. Marketing on Twitter isn’t all about advertising. Yes, you will be advertising eventually, but is not recommended right off the bat.

2- Use Twitter to provide advice and guidance to help the rest of the community. Assist in solving people’s problems and answering there questions. People search ‘useful’ information. The majority of the population on twitter is looking for information, not ads. An obvious affiliate link will send potential customers away faster than a flock of birds at the sight of a crocodile.

If you take the time to help people resolve an issue first, they may return the favor as a devoted fan (follower) who will purchase from you and better yet, spread your name around.

Being as that Twitter is a social network, those that are selfish or only there to ‘take’ are doomed to failure before they begin. Without being to brash, this will result in a spammy profile attempting amateur sales. You won’t find a novice usually having loyal fan base on social media sites. Rockies are here for a moment and gone tomorrow. Thinking and behaving like a newbie will get you nowhere when marketing on Twitter.

3- Zeroing in on your niche in Twitter is pretty much a no-brainer. Just go to search.twitter.com or tweetgrid to cut back down your micro niche. For example: If your market of choice happens to be camping gear, you would possibly use search.twitter.com and enter the key phrase, ‘tents, hiking, mountain bike,’ etc..

Here is an example of the live feed: Back from Mounds State Park. Fishing was great until my camping chair broke and I rolled into the water!

At this point, you might want to strike up a conversation with this particular lead. Eventually working in the fact that you know of the best camping gear on the world. But it it’s a necessity to develop the friendship first. People buy from people that they trust.

4- When you tweet, tweet with purpose. Tweet tweets you would want to read. Tweet something engaging, entertaining or even controversial. For example: “The great thing about Twitter is that you can quote something and totally make up the source” – Abraham Lincoln *or* “A priest, a Rabbi and a blond walk into a bar… http:/whatever”

Make sure to send out updates ‘worth posting’ like entertaining Videos, Articles, quotes that make you think, non-public or cool pictures, and loads of different cool issues that reveals to the world what you are all about.

Marketing on Twitter – Simplified

There’s a simple rule of thumb when promoting a sales offer via Twitter. Tweet 3 – 4 content bases material solely, and then you can work in 1 sales tweet. When you do tweet a sales offer, be sure to still include value to it, such as: ‘New video about the 5 most common mistakes made with video marketing and how to avoid them. > http:/yourlink.com’.. Then at the end of the video leave a link. Also include a clickable link in the description. Tweeting about good articles (yours or someone else’s) will build credibility as well.

Off and on throughout the day, building a stable fan base should take no longer then 30 minutes to an hour per day. Yes, there are plenty of sites that will get you thousands of followers in a month, but that is more like putting on a blind fold, going through the cupboards and choosing 5 cans at random – throw it together and call it dinner. While there are many ways to help automate Twitter, building your following list should be done with much more consideration.

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Tweet Psych – What Your Tweets Say About You

Tweet Psych twitter tools

There are several twitter tools in this blog and all across the WEB that will let you analyze your Twitter profile, but I’d be willing to wager that you haven’t seen a tool that can tell you about yourself like Tweet Psych.
Enter your twitter account name, and Tweet Psych goes to work looking at your past 1000 tweets and categorizes each word into one of 22 “psychological profiles”.  Profiles like how much you talk about yourself, work, money, and “negative emotions.”  It scores you in each category and compares your results to the results of other TweetPsych users. This makes it more about your personal lexicon the about psychology.  The results are fun and even enlightening.

tweet psych, automate twitter

This service works with any ones Twitter account, this means you can use it to analyze your friends or competitors.  As stated earlier, it only pulls from the most recent 1,000 tweets in your time line, so newer Twitter users profile won’t be as detailed as the seasoned users.

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Does An Automated Twitter Account Do More Damage Than Good? (Part 1)

Accounts that automate Twitter might just be a bad plan, if overdone any way. People that are legitimately just hanging out and socializing with their buddies will not likely run into this problem, however, if we are trying to apply Twitter as a advertising and marketing system it can only bring failure if you over do it. Automation might work with various other areas of web marketing such as, article submission or social bookmarking. Social marketing is just that – social, while bookmarking is more like merely letting people know that you’re around willing to hook up.

Like I said, a certain amount of Twitter automation will be fine and sometimes essential as long as it is not over done. As an example, the whole concept of marketing and advertising with Twitter is to acquire a huge follower base – but what good is it to build thousands of followers if they are college students and single parents when you’re marketing marriage counseling? 400 targeted followers is much better the 50,000 untargeted followers. For that reason, mass following or blasting software will be a bad idea. Sure they might add thousands to your account, but half of them are usually not interested in you and the other 1 / 2 have sense disappeared and not been on Twitter in many weeks or years. There are many paid services that will allow you to enter key phrases and then they’ll go locate targeted followers on your behalf and add them. On that note, twollo (dot) com will let you add 2 keywords at no cost. More then 2, you pay.

The manual alternative to the paid sites are sites like ‘Justtweetit’ ‘Twellow’  and ‘Whoshouldifollow’. Manually plug in a keyword and get plenty of possibilities. Not automated, but a bit of hard work can get you a sizable TARGETED follower base.

The 2nd most tedious aspect of a Twitter account will be keeping track of the newest followers, following back, delivering welcome messages, finding those who un-follow and also keeping a balance between followers and follow’ies. In other words – account maintenance.

This is one of those ‘must have’ automated Top twitter tools. One well liked service is  SocialOomph. Once known as ‘TweetLater’ this site allows you auto follow and auto un-follow people. This alone is a huge time saver. At the same time it enables you to immediately deliver a direct message to your new followers. This brings up another judgment issue..

What ought to be the initial tweet I send my new friends?

Consider this. In real life, would you walk up to a fresh possible client and start showing them all the neat goods you want to sell? Yeh, you might, but probably not still have a job as a salesman very long. Direct Message manners will go something like this:

•    Never: ‘Thanks for following me, now go have a look at my $hit @ . . ‘

•    Maybe: Offer a free gift by directing them to your squeeze page

•    Better: Offer a free gift without any optin form – let the e-book steer them to you websites if they’re interested.

•    If all else fails: Don’t send out a message at all! Like my mama used to say.. ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

Personally I’m in favor of the last two possibilities.

( Part 2 of this report can be found HERE.. )

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Does An Automated Twitter Account Do More Damage Than Good? (Part 2)

In part 1 of “Automated Twitter” we talked about the proper way and the wrong way of automating followers and dealt with a little Direct Message etiquette. Here we will finish up follower maintenance and automating tweets for a well rounded automated Twitter account.

You can perform Twitter searches and follow folks over and over (1,000 everyday max, 200 – 400 each day recommended) but at some point you will hit Twitters 2,000 follower limit. At the 2,000 mark, they have some sort of secret algorithm that requires you have about a 200 person difference between followers and the ones you follow. Or 10% or something like that depending on your tweet record – it’s a secret. So sooner than you think you will have to tweak your list.

One very well known tool is Twitter Karma. You’ll be able to list people that are not following back. It’ll display those who have not tweeted in 2 or 3 weeks or many months. Un-follow them. It will also show who is still an active twitter-er but for whatever reason chose to not follow you back. They can go unless it is someone you want to track. So from that 2,000 level forward you are going to have to keep an eye on it.

Another site I like even better is Manageflitter. It will let you sort the non followers, the lively followers, the non-active, the silent and the active. Even lets you sort the people which are too lazy to add a photo.

Now then, unless you intend to spend half your waking hours tweeting you life away, you’re going to need a little help. There are many services online that you are able to schedule tweets with but definitely the most effective I’ve found is Twaiter. It’s the first and only website that I’ve found which will still let you place reoccurring tweets for free.

There are numerous desktop programs that you can fill up with scheduled twitter updates with so being able to schedule tweets is no hassle. I already have a free tool that you could import hundreds of one liners (tweets) and at random have them post at random time intervals. The challenge becomes doing it in a way that will not cause you to seem like a bot. Keeping that in mind, you don’t want to use Twaiter to post the same thing at noon every day. A far better option would be to come up with seven different variants of the same ad and schedule each once a week.

Important thing is this:

There are hundreds of websites and applications to help you with an automated Twitter account, maybe a dozen really worth a hoot. Not one of these tools can help if you do not take an active role in group contribution. A rough guesstimate is that automation should not account for more than 50% – 75%. You must respond to legitimate direct messages, you must re-tweet, you must interject hash tags, you must see who’s talking about you and become part of the group. If you don’t change up your tweets and have interaction, at some point you turn into a spammer and no one likes spammers. Twitter will close you down.

( In case you missed part 1 of this report, It can be found HERE.. )

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bit.ly – My URL Shortener Of Choice

There are plenty of URL shorteners out there but of the dozens I’ve looked at, bit’ly is the most versatile and widely accepted.  Not only does it do a fine job of shrinking URLs and tracking clicks… with the API key at your side you can go about anywhere.  bit.ly is teamed up with some of the most powerful marketing resources on the web when it comes to social networks.  Among the partners it has teamed up with you will find places like:

  • Tweet Deck – your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, and Facebook.
  • bit.lify -  by Ubiquitous Systems integrates bit.ly into your BlackBerry browser enabling you to easily to shorten and share urls on the go.
  • Seesmic Desktop – Twitter support, multiple accounts, in a Mac+PC Adobe AIR desktop application.
  • Tweetie for iPhone – Twitter client for iPhone allows you to handle multiple twitter accounts, view your timeline, replies, direct messages and favorites.
  • Qwitter – an accessible Twitter client designed for access by the blind, providing an innovative integration between Twitter and a user’s screen reader.
  • Shareaholic – a free browser add-on that enables easy sharing via multiple services.
  • IEShortURL – an add-on for Internet Explorer that lets you shorten and share URLs with one click.
  • Last.fm Love / Twitter Mashup – After signing up, any track that you ‘love’ on lastfm will automatically generate a tweet from you that has the track’s artist and name, as well as a link to it so your followers can give it a listen.
  • plus many more

But my favorite by far is TwitterFeed. Mainly just because I love Twitter feed!  Yes, every one knows it can take a Google Alert, Yahoo Pipe or blogs RSS feed and pump it directly into Twitter using the shrunken bit.ly URL.  But you probably won’t find to many people taking full advantage of the lesser know Ping.fm . MAybe it’s a bit intimidating or scary, but instead of going “RSS feed > TwitterFeed > Twitter“  what if you went “RSS feed > TwitterFeed > Ping.fm > 40 different social networking sites” ?  (including Twitter).

The possibilities are endless!

For the more advanced marketer, Twitterfeed has also adds special ‘UTM’ tags to each post that it publishes. Google Analytics can read these tags and integrate the information into its reporting. You’ll be able to understand how people clicking on your posts from Facebook differ from those clicking from Twitter and track the complete path of their visit to your site.

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Tweet Deck

  • TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Supports Multiple Twitter accounts
  • Easily include videos and pictures via TwitPic, TweetPhoto, YFrog and Mobypicture
  • URL Shortening services like TinyURL, Twirl, is.gd and bit.ly
  • (of all the URL shorteners, I’ve found bit.ly the widest used / incorporated into other services)
  • You can also authorize TweetDeck to use your bit.ly credentials so you get personalized link data. In the application, go to Settings/Services and under “bitly” select “Get Your API Key”. You must have a bit.ly account and be signed in for this to work well.
  • Twitter Tools Plugin

    This plugin that creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. It allows you to pull your tweets into your blog (as posts and digests) and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.

    Twitter Tools integrates with Twitter by giving you the following functionality:

    * Archive your Twitter tweets (downloaded every 10 minutes)

    * Create a blog post from each of your tweets

    * Create a daily or weekly digest post of your tweets

    * Create a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog, with a link to the blog post

    * Post a tweet from your sidebar

    * Post a tweet from the WP Admin screens

    * Pass your tweets along to another service (via API hook)


    Simple twitter plugin that allows you to share the latest tweets on your blog.

    Anyone reading my blog can submit there Twitter ID and password and it will automatically tweet to their account about your post with a link back to that post. Think this may help you get more readers?

    Tweet This

    (as of May 5 ’10 it does not seem to work with WP 2.9.2)

    Tweet My Blog

    It’s a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to combine the powers of WordPress and Twitter – driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog.

    And the best part… It’s 100% free!

    TweetMyBlog will automatically

    1) Post a tweet whenever you update you blog. The tweet will link back to your blog, driving a ton of interested readers your way.

    2) Highlight your latest Tweets on your blogs sidebar – increasing your Twitter following

    3) Promote your affiliate link on auto-pilot, whenever you use the plugin and sidebar  widget. Earn commissions just for posting to your blog.

    This is far more than just another WordPress plugin – This is a fully fleshed out marketing  plan that will put the power of Twitter at your finger tips.

    And… Even though they are giving this plugin away for free, you should take a close look at the special offer they have in store for you when join. I instantly grabbed my own copy, and I know it will skyrocket my marketing power when using Twitter and WordPress.


    Have you ever notices that some of the most powerful tools online are simple and plain?  No flashy sales page or graphics?  Tools like Technorati, Socialmarker, Twitterfeed, etc… Tools like these do not need to boast about themselves, countless user do that for them.  Another golden gem is Ping.FM.

    Imagine being able to update over 40 social networking sites in under 5 minutes from one site.  What is amazing is the fact that it is still so simple and the functionality is in its infancy, I am curious what additional components they will add to be able to update their social ‘network’ of sites. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Tumble to name a few…  all of which are either Blogs, Microblogs or Status Updating services.

    What is great is you can also create a ‘trigger’ which is basically a hashmark type control for specific social sites that have been added to your network. For example, If I want to target only the top micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, Pownce, and Plurk, you can create a trigger #top and select from your list of sites only those three and then when you place your comment you place the trigger at the beginning of the comment and it only updates those three sites.

    This is an awesome way to ‘channel’ messages to a certain audience within your network of sites.

    If that isn’t neat enough, besides being able to post to all these social sites.. you can originate your post from any of the following services:

    1. AOL Instant Messenger
    2. Google Talk (GTalk)
    3. Yahoo! Messenger
    4. Windows Live Messenger
    5. iGoogle Gadget
    6. Facebook Application
    7. iPhone Web App
    8. Mobile App (WAP)
    9. Ping through SpinVox

    The whole blogging / micro blogging scene is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. And Ping.FM is doing a great job of keeping up.  Grasping the power, and implementing it your marketing efforts is a feather in your cap.

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